PCV Resources

Complementing Pacific Community Ventures, LLC’s investment activities, our parent company’s (Pacific Community Ventures, Inc.) nonprofit operations provide targeted guidance and non-financial resources to California businesses through two innovative programs:


  • Business ADVANCE directly supports entrepreneurs with strategy roundtables, CEO forums, and advisor consultations through an extensive network of volunteer senior-level executives, who offer their expertise, experience, and networks.
  • Employee OnRamp delivers services that help lower-income employees maximize their retained income, build assets, access critical services, and join the financial mainstream.  Investing in the workforce empowers employees and helps build a stakeholder culture in businesses, leading to higher productivity and employee retention, which in turn leads to stronger businesses and employees that are more aligned with investors.

The services of both Business Advance and Employee OnRamp are open to all Pacific Community Ventures, LLC portfolio companies.

Visit www.pacificcommunityventures.org for more information regarding programs and services offered by our non-profit partner organization.