Portfolio Companies

Representative Portfolio Companies
San Jose, CA
Turnkey subsystem design and assembly specialist serving high technology companies
Burbank, CA
Prepared all-natural gourmet meals delivered to customers’ homes
ICU Eyewear
Berkeley, CA
ICU Eyewear is one of the largest providers of nonprescription reading glasses in the United States.
New Leaf Paper
San Francisco, CA
Marketer and distributor of high-quality environmentally superior paper products
Pacific Catch
Corte Madera, CA
Combining the bold sauces, spices and innovative cooking preparations of Asia, Latin America and Hawaii with local California ingredients.
Pacific Pharmacy Group
Orange, CA
Acquirer and manager of high-performing independent community pharmacies
Los Angeles, CA
Provides educational and information solutions to Spanish-speaking U.S. Latinos
Exited Portfolio Companies
Beacon Fire And Safety
San Jose and Orange County
Fire safety equipment sales and service provider
Evergreen Lodge
San Francisco, CA
Destination lodging company
Galaxy Desserts
Richmond, CA
Developer, manufacturer and marketer of all-natural, gourmet single-serving desserts
Moving Solutions
San Jose, CA
Office and industrial relocation services
Niman Ranch
Oakland, CA
Producer and marketer of specialty organic meat products
San Francisco, CA
Specialty manufacturer of custom-configured messenger bags